Your Customized Box


Custom Boxes in any size are available from quantities of 50 units to 10,000 units. Economies of scale will provide you lower pricing per box because more units are spread over higher units of output which reduces fixed costs. If a purchase order or online order for 50 boxes is placed the pricing will be higher per box than for an order of 1,000 boxes. Our network of corrugated converting facilities are focused on what they do best. For example, a smaller operation plant is better aligned to run short quantities with shorter lead times, while a larger facility may have a 2 week lead time mandating corrugated square footage minimums. Yet again another facility may have the optimal setup and machinery to run high graphics print or Lithographic laminations on a flatbed in lower volumes, that otherwise would not be suited for a 4 out operation . In any event it is a simple task to input the inside dimensions of the box type needed for instant pricing. If the pricing isn't what you anticipated please call us so we can understand your project in detail and get a quotation forwarded for the exact packaging solution your company requires. Lead times for custom boxes average 7 to 10 days, direct print and die-cut boxes with lamination or high graphics print can be up to 3 to 4 weeks. Custom orders require $150 minimum.

Step 1: Inside

Step 2: Style

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Step 3: Color

Step 4: Corrugated Grades
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Single Wall

Single Wall (Heavy Duty)

Double Wall (Extra HD)

Step 5: Quantity
*Minimum Order $150