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Email Us: offers custom sized boxes with and without print. In some cases “stock boxes” are more economical from the onset. However, when you design and engineer a corrugated box to the exact size dimensions for your product, shipping rates become more optimal because the shipping box is reduced to fit your product exactly and the void space is removed from the package. 

A large percentage of shipping dollars are spent and allocated towards shipping air because oversize and wrong size boxes are used when shipping products.  Many companies choose shipping boxes that are cheapest and neglect sizing the box to their product. How many times have you received a product that you ordered online or through the mail and it arrives in a shipping box many times larger than the product itself? This is a common issue! Consequently, engineering a custom box that fits your product is a high priority but a custom printed corrugated box is not always a value added proposition. The marketing department needs to determine if printing a company logo or branding the corrugated box adds any marketing value. The question must be asked… “Within the corrugated supply chain will people see the logo and brand on the outside of a custom box”? In many cases shipments are palletized and once they leave the warehouse the only people who might handle or see the printing or logo on the outside of a box is the truck driver and the receiving warehousemen. Thus dollars spent on print plates, ink and design may not return the intended value anticipated.

Branding and printing on retail packaging and folding cartons as well as chipboard cartons is another story, and in most cases is value added.  But when determining if dollars should be dedicated towards printing company names and logos on corrugated shipping boxes all things must be considered. Whether you need printed boxes or just the right size corrugated box, we can help you in large volume runs or short box runs with minimums starting at 100 piece quantities. Our shipping points are optimally located  across the USA with 7 to 14 day lead times. 

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