Fast Packs

Military Boxes



  • Vertical Star Pack (Type I) - Style A
  • Slide Pack (Type II) - Style D
  • Full Telescoping Fast Pack (Type III) - Style G
  • Horizontal Star Pack (Type IV) - Style D
Cushioned with Poly Foam. Corrugated Fiberboard is weather resistant and holds up for multiple uses. 
Used to ship black box type items such as power supply's, meters, gauges, technical instruments and
other electronic products that are sensative to the elements and require maximum protection.  
Stock No L" x W" D" (Inside Dimensions) Pack/Size Price Qty Action
XA1FP XA1 Fast Pack 18
XC8FP XC8 Slide Pack 12
XC7FP XC7 Slide Pack 12
XC5FP XC5 Slide Pack 25
XC4FP XC4 Slide Pack 25
XC3FP XC3 Slide Pack 25
XC2FP XC2 Slide Pack 25
XC1FP XC1 Slide Pack 25
XA4FP XA4 Fast Pack 12
XA3AP XA3 Fast Pack 18
XA2FP XA2 Fast Pack 18
4418W5c 4" x 4" x 18" Tall Corrugated Boxes W5c 50