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Flo-Pak® Loose Fill - Anti-Static The clean peanut! No breaks! No crumbling! Figure eight design acts as a shock absorber for delicate products. Constructed from 100% recycled polystyrene. All Flo-Pak® Loose Fill is given an anti-static bath so it will not cling to your products. Coated with an addtional anti-static treatment to ensure ESD protection for sensitive products. 7 cubic foot bags are UPSable. 14 cubic foot bags ship via truck only.
Stock No L" x W" D" (Inside Dimensions) Pack/Size Price Qty Action
7NUTSFLOAS 7 Cubic Feet Anti-Static Flo-Pak Loose Fill 1
14NUTSFLOAS 14 Cubic Feet Anti-Static Flo-Pak Loose Fill 1