CNC Box Cutting Machines




Lean Corrugated Box Makers

CNC machinery enables every box to be a custom box and to fit the product contiguously. Studies have shown that when the carton fits perfectly extra inner-pack such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts are not always necessary.  Studies also show eliminating inner-pack drives higher ratings for customer satisfaction given the fact the end user does not have to discard and handle additional packaging waste or dunnage.Corrugated box makers allow for production of innovative packaging designs in seconds, both in small and large quantities. Many customers require a mixed model of boxes in various styles and sizes. Running mixed models of cartons in variety is our specialty because of the flexibility the box making equipment offers. No reason to hold large inventories of cardboard boxes, or forecast and pre-order boxes, or have your box company hold packaging upstream for release when you need it. Throw all that out the window and take control of your packaging needs by making your own boxes in house on the latest CNC box making machinery. Corrugated focused factories in manufacturing plants have become part of the production process by producing a box JIT or running packaging minutes in advance. The facts are this, 60% of the space devoted to corrugated box storage only makes up for 15% of the corrugated product SKUs.  This is a typical issue with the traditional corrugated supply chain. Here’s the conundrum, companies forecast and purchase box inventory in advance in quantity in hopes of driving down cost, when in reality the box inventory over-time becomes a big elephant in the room that everybody ignores until management finally demands changes. In a very high percentage of cases subsequent to a corrugated supply chain analysis it becomes apparent 15% to 20% of corrugated inventory is obsolete occupying otherwise valuable floor space. A corrugated focused factory helps align and balance the corrugated supply chain by turning stagnant space into otherwise productive space. On demand packaging is the optimal packaging method for efficiently managing and gaining control of your corrugated supply chain expenditures.