Mil-Spec V3C Boxes



Mil-Spec V3c Boxes are available in multiple sizes. is a leading supplier for military specified packaging. Government defense work, aircraft parts packaging, electronics parts require many non-standard corrugated packaging applications. We offer a complete line of government spec weather resistant sheets utilizing V3c, W5c, V11c materials. Other government board combinations are also available and can be customized to your specific application. Water resistant liners can be manufactured and coated with repellents and adhesives. Wet strength medium that meet WPA, and MRA standards have been found to be reliable to domestic weather resistant applications. Please contact us for your specific government packaging requirements.

Type Corrugated Fiberboard, Weather Resistant, 

Mil-spec v3c boxes meet CF WR ASTM D5118


Variety GradeA,C Thickness, in. [mm]B   Burst Strength, psi [kPa],
min avg
Corrugating Medium   Outer Facings   Dry   WetD
SW V3c 0.010 [0.254]   0.023 [0.584]   400 [2758]   150 [1034]
SW W5c 0.010 [0.254]   0.016 [0.406]   275 [1896]   100 [689]
DW V11c 0.010 [0.254]   0.023 [0.584]   600 [4137]   300 [2068]

A Includes WWVR grades.
B A -5%, or unlimited plus tolerance shall be permitted.
C For Doublewall fiberboard, the inner facing shall be the same thickness as the outer facing.
D After 24 hours immersion.

Size and Weight Limitations for Class Weather Resistant (WR) and Water and Water Vapor Resistant (WWVR) Fiberboard Boxes Used as Exterior ContainersA

Note - The gross weight and size limit expressed in the circular or rectangular boxmaker's certificate shall conform to the requirements of the Uniform Freight Classification or Nation Motor Freight Classification Rules, as applicable, and may not necessarily be the same as those stipulated in this table.


Maximum Weight of
Boxes and Contents
  Max Inside Dimensions
(Length + Width + Depth)
lb   kg   in   mm
V3c 90   40.8   90   2286
W5c 65   29.5   75   1905
V11c 160 C 72.6   120   3048

A Not applicable to interior boxes.
B Reference Specification D 4727 for specific details of construction.
C Maximum weight may be increased to 225lb [102kg] provided the manufacturer's body joint is fastened with metal fasteners spaced not more than 1 in. [25 mm] apart [See 8.1.8].

*Other Grades Available Depending On Order Size

Military contracts and solicitations often quote specific packing instructions in the form of packing codes.  MIL-STD-2073 and other government/DLA guidelines require certain instructions and criterion to meet contractual agreements.

Corrugated fiberboard is a paper-based material consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards. It is widely used in the manufacture of corrugated boxes and shipping containers. Corrugated is available in 'kraft' brown and mottled white. It can also be coated with a variety of functional coatings such as non-slip, fire retardant, electrostatic, and water/weather resistance. Cardboardboxes4U works with all grades and specifications of corrugated including:

  • All classes and grades per ASTM-D4727 and ASTM-D5118.
  • All classes and grades per PPP-F-320 and PPP-B-636.
  • Fire retardant corrugated including domestic (D/FR) and weather-resistant fire-retardant (WR/FR).
  • Single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall from any combination of flutes.
  • Static-protective and static-dissipative corrugated.
  • Single-face corrugated meeting A-A-1051 and PPP-P-291'

Corrugated is described by various designations contingent to the application and detail, but usually is identified by at least grade, class, variety, and flute. Grade is a measure of strength and is either quoted as stacking strength (ECT grades) or burst strength (Mullens grades). Class refers to protective properties such as weather resistance, water vapor resistance, and fire retardant. We supply all classes including weather resistant (WR/WWVR) classes such as V3C and W5C. Our fire retardant (Class FR) corrugated is in total compliance with ASTM-D4727 and ASTM-D5118.
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