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Gaylord Boxes are large heavy duty corrugated boxes. Gaylord cardboard boxes come in different sizes, styles, configurations and thicknesses. Call us to understand more about the values and terminology associated with large cargo shipping boxes. We also sell used gaylord boxes and can help you source the exact pallet box you need. A gaylord consists of 2 liner-board (ply) to 8 liner-board (ply). The standard common size is a 48 x 40 x 36, but many different sizes are available. Call us for more information, we can help you determine and find exactly what you may need, in either "New" or "Used". *****CALL FOR USED GAYLORD PRICES! 801-564-1047*****

Stock No L" x W" D" (Inside Dimensions) Pack/Size Price Qty Action
OCTGAYBIN Octagon Bin 71ECT Double Wall 75
OCTLID Octagon Bin Lid 1
TWMISC Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes Triple Wall 25