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Geographically Las Vegas is isolated from any of the large corrugated paper companies. With L.A. to the West,  Phoenix to the East and Salt Lake City to the North this gives Las Vegas fairly close distribution to a few dominate corrugated suppliers. Many small box companies have set up shop to service the Las Vegas area with moving boxes and shipping boxes, but there really isn't any one large integrated paper company dominating the region when it comes to corrugated packaging and boxes.

Lower overall pricing for shipping boxes in Las Vegas can be obtained online. Many companies ship corrugated out of Salt Lake City to the Las Vegas, Nevada area because of lower pricing. Service is overnight and custom box orders can be run specific to exact dimensions for small to medium quantities. is an online seller of packaging materials and supplies with very competitive prices. They stock over 1000 different corrugated box sizes and can run custom specials at very low pricing. Email them for a quote and to save money on your next corrugated box purchase.